Food 1st™

Cannabis is Food 1st!

Before the Industrial Hemp…

Before the Medicinal Cannabis…

Before the Recreational “Marijuana”…

Cannabis is Food 1st.  Period.


Food 1st™ mission is to feed the Children.

We believe by educating Women, Children and the Homeless that Cannabis is…

Food 1st™…

Cannabis as agriculture can eliminate Nutritional Insecurity in less than a decade.

Food & Agriculture: “The State Of Food Insecurity In The World”

Modern History

Modern History:

Food 1st began as a quest to survive.  See My Story below.

Food 1st(tm) is the culmination of seven (7) years self-healing efforts.  When I began this journey, “marijuana” was the prevailing term for the Cannabis plant.  Hemp was relegated to “industrial” use, and saying: “Cannabis”, or “Hemp” garnered a response of:

“Do you mean, ‘mar iguana’?”

I can personally remember the moment I told my mother I was eating Hemp, and she rolled her eyes as she asked THE question.

I answered:

“No, I mean Hemp.”

Cannabaceae is the plant species, and the taxonomy was identified in the mid-1700s by Carl Linnaeus.

Cannabis Sativa.L – L stands for Linnaeus.

So why all the confusion?

WHY NOT just call it Cannabis?

I began to wonder where the word came from, and much to my surprise there are three (3) historical instances that set out the word origin.


Kaneh Bosm (Canna Bosum)

It is purported that Cannabis is in the Bible as ‘Kaneh Bosm’.  ‘Experts’ say, No, this is Calamus, a cane and hence, Kaneh.  However, a word, ‘Cannabosum’ can be found referenced as a name for Cannabis in the late 1800s.


Absent any direct proof to the contrary, 1800s ‘cannabosum’ validates the claim, Cannabis = Kaneh Bosm in the Bible.

This would establish: Cannabis as the formal name of the plant in accordance with Linnaeus identification in the 1700s, and the International Taxonomical acceptance as such.


Hempe seems to be introduced as an English word.

“When the Hempe is Spun, England is done”

Henry Edward Mary Philip Elizabeth


1551 New Herball




Christopher Columbus flies the Templar Knights symbol on his ships, and lands on (Mar) Iguana  island in the Bahamas.

It is clear the terms “hemp” and “mariguana” are the creations of modern establishment, Divide & Conquer – control mechanism.

Language is a Spoil of War/Victory and the Conquerors define the Legal Definitions upon which the Law is written.

Food 1st(tm) has the idea to change this.  By focusing on Cannabis is Food 1st, Nutritional Benefits of the Plant can be realized by all.

You don’t have to get sick to benefit from Cannabis.

Just as we eat grapes and regulate wine, just as we eat potatoes and regulate vodka, just as we eat tomatoes and regulate ketchup, we shall eat Cannabis from the Garden as Food 1st, and regulate when used as “marijuana”.

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