Non-Enzymatic Decarboxylation

Cannabis is Food 1st.
Medicine would not be required for “health” with Cannabis as Food 1st.
In Eastern Treatment of Health, Nutritional & Spiritual precede Medicinal and Surgical. Medicine and Surgery should be preserved as the Last Resort as they are intended in Hippocrates Unani System of Medicine.
Having the discussion of Cannabis as Medicine ahead of Cannabis as Food 1st™ can mislead the public to believe that Cannabis can produce THC.
Whereas, Cannabis cannot produce, nor synthesize THC.
Hemp cannot produce, nor synthesize CBD.
Rather Cannabis/Hemp produce slightly different pre-cursor compounds, Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid Synthase/THCA-Synthase (THCA-S) and Cannabigerolic Acid (CBGA) in the case of Cannabis, and Cannabidiolic Acid Synthase/CBDA-Synthase and Cannabigerolic Acid (CBGA) in the case of Hemp.
Depending on harvest, dieters can take advantage of both CBGA and THCA-S from RAW Cannabis plants in their garden, or CBGA and CBDA-Synthase from RAW Hemp plants in their garden.
Upon harvest THCA-A, B, & C form as THCA-Synthase and CBDA forms as CBDA-Synthase fold in CBGA, respectively in Cannabis/Hemp.
THCA-A, B, & C, THCA-Synthase, CBDA-Synthase, CBDA, CBGA, and Cannabisin A-F (which I didn’t even mention) are ALL – LOST – as the focus on THC and CBD continues premature.
We have Children to Feed in addition to the Patients before Profits.
During cultivation, Cannabis produces the acid CBGA and the enzyme THCA-Synthase which folds in CBGA.
During cultivation, Hemp produces the acid CBGA and the enzyme CBDA-Synthase which folds in CBGA.
These are Cannabis foods.
Humans intervene to to Synthesize THCA-A, B, C in Cannabis, and/or CBDA in Hemp. Otherwise we will eat their precursors as food 1st.
“Cured”, “Fermented”, or “Prepared” Cannabis a.k.a. Medicinal Cannabis is often mistaken for recreational “marijuana”, Hemp’s high-THCA-A Cousin.
“Marijuana” must still be heated or Non-Enzymatically Decarboxylated before THC is present, accounted for and activated.