Is Cannabis the 1st Food?

In 6,000 B.C. Cannabis Seeds were a staple in the Chinese diet.  As a complete nutrition, the Cannabis Seed supplies all Essential Amino Acids, all Essential Fatty Acids, Omega 3-6 in optimum balance, rare Omega 9 Gadoleic and Eicosenoic Acids, Magnesium, Potassium along with a host of Vitamins & Minerals.  An essential part of every day!

Where does 420 fit in?

We have attempted an exhaustive search via Google, and as near as can be determined, this is the first instance of “420” and “Mariguana” in Modern English.

This entry is ca. 1890, from 1835 when Capt. Richard Owen, R.N. mapped for the Royal Navy.

As interesting as it is…

Mariguana is of dispute at this time as “Landfall” for Christopher Columbus’ North American exploration.



Spread The Herb

Cannabis is Food 1st(tm)!

Spread the Herb!  Tell your friends.  Share Cannabis and Hemp seeds so others can get their Cannabis or Hemp garden started.  One garden on each street in 2017 means 10 gardens on each street in 2018, and 100 gardens on each street in 2019.

That is how quickly we can eradicate Hunger with Cannabis as Food 1st(tm).

As an added benefit is the reduction in Healthcare costs.

Health Not Healthcare(tm) is our motto at Food 1st(tm).

Please Spread the Herb!

Cannabis’ Story…

It all begins with Food 1st™.

Cannabis Fructus, or Cannabis Fruit are more commonly known as “Hemp Seeds” or Hemp Hearts.  However, actually only the translucent inner portion is the “seed” of the plant.

The whole vessel is called an Achene.  An Achene is a single-seeded fruit.

Why is this important?

Several Reasons.

As a fruit, we can understand the Cannabis Achene supplies more nutrition than just a seed can.

As an achene, the seed is rendered “sterilized” when the hull of the Achene is opened and therefore, it is not possible to access the seed without sterilizing the seed.  Sterilized seed is a requirement of the DEA for import clearance.  If hulling the Achene sterilizes the seed there is no reason to irradiate the Achene.

A caryopsis or grain is a type of fruit that closely resembles an achene, but differs in that the pericarp is fused to the thin seed coat in the grain.

“0.0% THC by Dry-Weight” is not applicable to Cannabis Achene as a grain measure.


Cannabis cannot produce, nor synthesize THC, only THCa-Synthase.

THCa-Synthase must be dryed & cured in humidity, temperature and light-controlled conditions to produce THCa-A, B & C.

THCa-A, when heated releases a Carbon (C) and an Oxygen (O2), and a Hydrogen (H) molecule, -COOH, Carboxylic Group.

Release of the -COOH Carboxylic Group “activates” THCa-A into THC.

THC can then fit into the CB1 Endogenous Receptor.

It also goes to say, Hemp cannot produce, nor synthesize CBD, only CBDa-Synthase.

CBDa, when heated releases the Carboxylic Group and CBD is the Synthesis.

CBD can then fit into the CB2 Endogenous Receptor.


The path ahead is clear.

Cannabis is Food 1st™

Cannabis is the 1st Food™

What Cannabis offers that Pharmaceuticals and Medicine cannot is Nutrition.  Cannabis is Food 1st™.  Cannabis well-fed employees make better employees.

Eat Cannabis.

Work with Cannabis.

Power the factory with Cannabis.

Supply the factory with raw materials of Cannabis.

Make Cannabis products.

Sell Cannabis products.

Bring in Cannabis revenues.

Spend Cannabis revenues with Cannabis businesses.

Expand the opportunity in Cannabis.